Project configuration syntax

By default, the project name is generated automatically based on the name of the project folder (a folder that contains a .neuro subfolder for configuration YAML files).
Name autogeneration will only work if the folder's name starts with a letter or an underscore symbol (_) and contains only letters, digits, or underscores. ALL_CAPS names are not supported.
To override this, you can put the project.yml(or project.yaml) file into the .neuro configuration folder.


Project id available as a ${{ }} or ${{ flow.project_id }} context. Default value - folder name, where '.neuro' folder is located.


Optional owner name available as a ${{ project.owner }} context. Shared projects require owner or role.


Optional project role name available as a ${{ project.role }} context. By default the role is {owner}/projects/{id} if owner is defined. Shared projects require owner or role. This role name might be used to share the project with other platform <user> via neuro acl grant <role> <user>

Project-wide configuration

You can define jobs and workflows globally by specifying the desired project-wide behavior in the following sections of the project.yml file:
  • defaults
  • images
  • volumes
  • mixins
You can find detailed description of how to use the defaults, images, and volumes sections in the corresponding parts of the live workflows syntax and batch workflow syntax documentation.
All settings specified in project.yml will be applied by default to all job and workflows of this project.

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